Real Farm

Location — Seoul, Korea
Deliverables — Game Redesign, New UX
Industry — Games
Date — 2013

RealFarm Korea challenged us to redesign their famous game. Farm products you grow in the game get delivered to your door.

This is how the orginal game looked like. They were interested to redesign the game for the European, and US Markets.

The first quick thing to change in the game, was the background environment of the farm. It had before a wired angle, and a heavy parallax code.

We created a mood-board in order to align with the Korean team about the vision we had over the new game Real Farm 2. It was very important to know where we need to go with the characters, the buildings, and the other elements.

As the game was digitally painted by in 2d, we tried first to redesign everything in 3D, and keep the feel of the original game. We all love Hayao Miyazaki’s art and we felt that this could be the chance to build a project in that direction. In ourbrief was clear that  we have to keep the Asian cuteness of the game, and design a modern version.












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