Cultural Design is a Berlin-based creative studio specialised in creating high-impact brands, services and digital experiences.



Design through the Lens of Culture

We are passionate about humans and inspired by the dynamic culture we live in. Our markets are constantly changing and so do our cultures. A big part of our work lies around detecting the culture-changing events, trends and movements. By embedding our design ideas in the culture, we help to build strategies and products for truly influential brands.



Cultural Design at work

Cultural Design is not only the name of our studio, it is also the methodology we developed to incorporate culture in our design process. As a research-driven studio, we focus on understanding the human context by investigating users’ needs and behaviours but also by digging into the cultures we operate in — understanding movements and staying on top of trends.



Connect to the Meaning

We develop highly functional, usable and pleasurable designs. We aim beyond communicating to user’s needs and requirements and connect to their values, emotions, meanings and identities. Truly understanding the culture of our users helps us differentiate our products from others. Our designs create powerful connection to the customers, appealing to their emotional and cultural values.


Embrace Culture, Design for Impact

Cultural brands have power to trigger cultural transformation – we work with brands we believe make positive impact on our society, shift our culture and help us changes the world into a better place.



We stand here

Cultural Design takes from builds on traditional design, service and experience design. Using tools and processes for established fields, we aim to push the boundaries by adding the element of culture to our methodologies. Cultural Design helps us develop experiences embedded in the contemporary culture and focused on triggering positive cultural change.


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