Location — Wrocław Poland
Deliverables —  Renaming, Branding, Brand Consultancy
Industry — Jewellery
Date — 2015

1618.design is a Poland-based brand created by Przemyslaw Wanczyk. The studio designs and handcrafts unique jewellery and interior design objects through a fluid practice tangible to art, design and craftsmanship. We met the team at the DMY Festival in Berlin 2016, fell in love with their unique style and decided to help them make their brand memorable.

The Original Logo was based on the artist’s name: Przemyslaw Wanczyk — the old name and web domain was: pwitems.com. We renamed the brand to 1618.design.


The name of the brand 1618.design is derived from the value of the Golden Ratio – a fundamental pattern which can be found everywhere in nature, on biological, cosmic and quantum scale. Related to numerous philosophical and spiritual concepts, the Golden Ratio creates a sense of unity, harmony and beauty, both on a contemplative and a practical side.


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